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Hello, Readers and Micromax fans! Welcome to our blog – “IN by Micromax”. I am sure you all are very pumped up for the return of the Desh ka Apna smartphone brand Micromax. Who isn’t? We are as excited as you are and starting today through this blog, we aim to deliver you all the latest information from the world of IN Mobiles.

In this first post, let’s take a quick recap of what’s happened in the past three months. The comeback of Micromax in the Indian smartphone market was announced on Independence Day i.e 15th August this year and since then many Indians have been eagerly waiting for the devices to hit the market. Soon after, Micromax started a video campaign on their social media channels sharing the inventions they brought to the Indian mobile market in the past with a note “we are now reinventing ourselves for India”. The videos also promote #AtmaNirbharBharat and #VocalForLocal initiatives. The one video which includes all their inventions combined can be watched below:

Then on 16th October, Micromax’s Co-Founder Rahul Sharma shared a special message and announced “IN Mobiles” which will be the new line of smartphones under Micromax. The video hits you emotionally but I hope the first products that come out of IN Mobiles are not just emotions and also live up to the people’s expectations. It is the experience that matters more than the on-paper specifications. So, Micromax will have to deliver on that aspect as well. You might have already watched the video but in case you haven’t then I have attached it below for you to watch. 🙂

Micromax will be announcing the new smartphones under IN Mobiles on 3rd November at 12 PM and the launch event will be live-streamed on their official Facebook page. Rahul Sharma did reveal that the upcoming phones will be ad-free, bloat-free and provide a stock Android experience. All this combined with good specifications and timely marketing can help Micromax slowly grab some market share lost to the Chinese competitors. Regarding the pricing, he said, IN smartphone range will start from Rs.7000 and they have no plans to offer phones below this price range. We can expect smartphones between Rs.7000 to Rs.15000 price range. This price range attracts a vast majority of Indian smartphone customers and resembles the largest sales volume.

We have to wait for a few more days till we get to see the latest devices launched from the house of Micromax. We will be sharing news and information about the latest products when they are launched. The announcement posts will be shared first where you will get to know all the features and specifications of the devices followed by an opinion post where we share our opinions regarding the products. We also request your support for the blog and yes, Stay Tuned!

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