Two new Micromax IN smartphone chargers get certified by BIS

Micromax is cooking its second-generation IN Smartphones in a secret lab somewhere and some of the sauce got leaked last week when the unreleased IN 2b and IN 2c smartphones were spotted flaunting their UNISOC T610 SOC on Geekbench. The phones must be ready for launch and the production already must have started so we just have to wait for a few weeks till Micromax launches them officially. There are also rumors about the IN Note 2 and we will be here to report everything about it if we spot it in the wild.

BIS Certified IN ACC30C04 and IN ACC30C05 chargers

For now, let’s focus on the two new IN Chargers that were recently certified by BIS. The model numbers are ACC30C04 and ACC30C05. Now, let me straight up clear one rumor surrounding these chargers. These are not 30 Watt chargers and their model names do not represent their power output. Last year’s, IN Note 1 and this year’s IN 1 come with the exact same charger in the box that carries the model number ACC30C01 which is an 18W charger. This suggests the new chargers that got BIS Certification are from the same series of 18W chargers that are currently available and could just be version upgrades that will come with minor cosmetic changes. There’s one more IN charger carrying the model number ACC20C09 which received BIS certification in March 2021. This could be a version upgrade for the ACC20C08 charger that ships with the IN 1b which has a rating of 10W.

BIS Certified IN ACC20C09 Charger

The ACC30C04/05 18W chargers could either be for the IN 2b and IN 2c or could even be for the IN Note 2 which to me makes more sense. The IN2b and IN 2c could come with the ACC20C09 which is a 10W charger but we cannot confirm this in any way. So, the only way to find it out is to wait for the official launch which should be happening in the coming weeks.

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