How to unlock the Bootloader of Micromax IN 1b (E7533)? A complete guide.

Follow this detailed guide for unlocking the Bootloader of your IN 1b.

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Benefits of unlocking Bootloader on your smartphone:-

  • It allows you to install custom recovery on your smartphone.
  • It allows you to install custom ROMs on your smartphone.
  • Furthermore, it allows you to root your device and make you superuser.


  1. After unlocking the bootloader, all of your data will be erased, so create a backup of your important data before proceeding.
  2. Unlocking may modify some system functions and prevent you from updating the system version.
  3. You may end up bricking your device, if not followed the instructions carefully.

Before you proceed

Make sure to have

  • More than 60% charge on your IN 1b.
  • A USB type-C cable, using an official cable, is recommended.
  • A PC or an auxiliary smartphone.
  • An OTG-Connector(If using smartphone).

Method 1 (Using PC)

1> Make a backup of your important data, as unlocking will erase it.

2> Go to Settings → About Phone → Build Number (Tap this 7-times to enable Developer Options).

3> Go back to Settings → System → Advanced → Developer Options → USB Debugging (Turn this on) → It will prompt “Allow USB debugging?” → Click on “Allow”. [Refer to the Image Below]

4> Again, head to Developer Options → OEM Unlocking → It will prompt “Allow OEM Unlocking” → Click on “Enable”. [Refer to the Image Below]

5> Now, download and install the Android SDK Platform tools on your PC.

6> Connect your smartphone to the PC via USB Type-C cable.

7> Open the Platform Tools folder on your PC.

8> Then Click on the folder icon at the top (Refer to the image above).

9> Type “cmd” (without double quotes) after clicking on the folder icon (Refer to the video below).

10> This will launch the Command Prompt. Type the below command in this window to boot your device to Fast-boot Mode.

adb reboot bootloader
Credit: Micromax Forum

11> Press “Enter” on your keyboard and now wait for the device to boot into fast boot mode. The fast-boot mode will be displayed on the device screen (Refer to the image above).

12> Now, type/execute the following command to unlock the bootloader.

fast boot flashing unlock

13> Now, you will get a confirmation message on your device screen. For unlocking the bootloader (if you haven’t changed your mind), Press the VOLUME UP key to confirm the unlocking process.

Credit: Micromax Forum

14> The unlocking process will now begin and will take only a few seconds. Once completed, you will get an “Unlock Pass” message on your IN 1b.

Credit: Micromax Forum

15> Congo! You have successfully unlocked the bootloader on your IN 1b. To boot back to your OS, type the below command on your PC.

fastboot reboot

Method 2 (Using Auxiliary Smartphone)

1> Install this app on your Auxiliary Smartphone.

2> Now connect IN 1b to your secondary smartphone.

3> Now, click on the icon like this “<>”. (Refer to the image above)

4> Now execute the following commands in the secondary smartphone.

⇾ adb devices
⇾ adb reboot bootloader
⇾ fast boot flashing unlock

3> Press the Volume UP key of your IN 1b to confirm Unlocking.

For rebooting to the OS, execute the following command on the secondary smartphone.

⇾ fastboot reboot 

Congo! You have successfully unlocked the bootloader on your IN 1b.

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